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An Empty Chair Among Us

An Empty Chair Among Us

by Paul Bishop – December 24, 1998

(for the late Josie Attard, member of the Ingersoll Choral Society)

I looked down from the choirloft
Wondering “Why am I here?”
I didn’t really know her well
How could my singing be sincere? (more…)

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Not For Me

Not For Me

by Paul Bishop – December 23, 1998

(based on a friend’s reflection after he had a heart attack)

Once in life
It flashes before me
The end seems near
And I am not afraid

But the one thing I wish
Is the one thing I live for
I want promises kept
From promises made (more…)

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La Danseuse

La Danseuse

by Paul Bishop – September 30 , 1998

Kinetic movement graces the stage
Energetic choreography sets the pace
Emphatic emotions encase your heart
Scintillating expressions liven your face (more…)

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Those Eyes


by Paul Bishop – September 13, 1998

I walked along the narrow lake
Beneath the bridge of stone
I looked into the water
And saw a reflection not my own

You caught my attention
And held it there against my will (more…)

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The Chasm


by Paul Bishop – September 11, 1998

I watched you trudge down the stairs
You turned and looked back up at me
You did not acknowledge my smile
What burdened your heart
Was well known to me
I’ve felt it for a while (more…)

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by Paul Bishop – August 8, 1998

It was a cool dark night, and I was alone
As the shadows played over my skin
Under starlight bright, and a soft summer moon
I searched for peace deep within

The elusive muses
Had given excuses
For the inspirations that had run dry
As my pen was stilled
So my tensions did build
Silent, disconsolate I

And then the fog rolled in, dampening my skin
Chilling my soul to its core
If only I could find my own peace of mind
In the things I once thought so sure…

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by Paul Bishop – July 26, 1998

I can see it in the faces
Shining in their eyes
Written in the countenances
Of many passing by (more…)

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