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The River Of The Soul


by Paul Bishop – February 1997

Yesterday I went and sat in the park
On a cold concrete railing overlooking the river
After two warm days with melting snow
It roared down its course, cold spray making me shiver (more…)

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Eagle’s Rest


by Paul Bishop – February 19, 1997

The old place is gone forever
All that’s left are memories
I dip my wings in solemn salute to what good I did find there
Far to the west I flew, over the cornfields
Across the great river
Banking to the south
I sense a change within my soul, as if some emotional gate was flung wide open
And I wept as I flew
Purging, cleansing tears
That washed over my entire being (more…)

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All Of Me


by Paul Bishop – February 18, 1997

Life is full of visions
Life is full of dreams
Some deal in derisions
Some concoct their schemes
Yet in the mirror of my youth
The image reflected future’s truth
That who I was destined to be
Has now been realized in me (more…)

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Uncaged Eagle


by Paul Bishop – 1997

My cage has long since crumbled to dust
The flaking rust scatters in the wind
A wind that would take me airborne
If I let it…
And I usually do. (more…)

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If Only


by Paul Bishop – February 17, 1997

Continuing on the roads less travelled
“If only, if only”
Choices well made, dreams now forsaken
“If only, if only”
A journey unique but haunted by “could have’s”
“If only, if only”
There are so many paths that life could have taken
“If only, if only” (more…)

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Heart Travels (Part 2)


by Paul Bishop – February 6, 1997

The sun comes shining
Over that last rise
Dawning glorious
After the night skies

Driving into a gentle glowing
As the day begins
My soul awakes rejoicing
From emotions deep within

I’ve heard three words
I’ve longed to hear
From someone with integrity
No hidden agenda, so sincere

I wish I’d met you long ago
So that now you would be mine
But that is only possible
In some alternate time-line

I will not begrudge your availability
To be loved is enough for me
And as we held one another close
I regained my integrity

Love was what I wanted
Sex was not then a desire
Touching, holding and caressing were enough
To set my heart afire

And thus I lay encompassed
On both sides by a strength
Far beyond just muscular arms
That protection covered my length

Penetrating into my heart
Deeper still into my soul
Healing the perception of myself
Burning away self-loathing’s toll

I climb those physical and mental stairs
That led me to this revelation
Love is the only replacement for love
And I thank you for my salvation

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Heart Travels (Part I)


by Paul Bishop – February 6, 1997

Speeding into darkness
Trying to drive away the blues
Realizing that perceptions of me
Are not as I would choose (more…)

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