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Deepest Heart

Deepest Heart

By Paul Bishop – April 4, 1995

In my deepest heart
There is a tiny part
Where dwells a piece of you
That I have captured for myself
Not by cunning, nor by stealth
But because you are a companion true (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — November 15, 1995

I wander along through a forest wood
A-wandering along over bridges that have stood
Here for a hundred years just waiting for my path
To take me across the spans and deal with the aftermath

“Cross those bridges when we come to it.”
A wiser friend once said
Well, now I stand before the bridge (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — Autumn 1995

The little child inside of me
Has found a lock that fits a key
That he had lost, but now has found
And all the walls came tumbling down
Upon its opening by a friend
A certain soul with which to wend
Through life’s twisting paradigm
Obvious, subtle, or sublime
And amidst the world’s daily strife
Another soul to share my life

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by Paul Bishop — August 21, 1995

It’s been a week
And all I seek
Is something to take me
Away from all this pain
My throat is dry
From asking why
And shaking my fists
Up at the heavens in vain (more…)

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When You Said


by Paul Bishop — August 9, 1995

When you said that you loved me
Did you stand by my side?
Did you wipe my tears
When in heart pain I cried?
And through all the turmoil
My mind has gone through
Did you mean what you said
When you said “I love you”?

When you said that you love me
Did you pick up my heart
When it shattered to pieces
And my life fell apart?
Did you put it together
With such loving care?
Did you mean what you said
When you said “I’d be there”?

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Trust Rap


by Paul Bishop — July 20, 1995

Daniel was praying at his window when
People who didn’t like him saw him then
They went to see the King
“Oh King, oh King, by your decree
Daniel is breaking the law you see
You said, “They can’t worship anyone but me!”
So whatcha gonna do?” 

Trust! (more…)

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On My Journey


by Paul Bishop — May 7, 1995

Here I am, in the middle of a journey
The place where I began is far behind
And further in the distance
Lies the ending of my trek
But the path from here to there is hard to find

Lead me on, O lord
Give me faith to carry on
In the middle of the journey
Where the darkness lasts too long
Shine a lamp, O Lord
Reveal the path to travel on
From where I am to where I’ll be
Walk along beside me (more…)

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