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by Paul Bishop — June 23, 1991

Who has the keys to my heart?
I’m tired of loving from afar
When shall I find someone who wants the love I have to give? (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — October 20, 1991

Comfortable in your presence
Letting down my guard
Giving way to words
To say I find hard
For all the things that happened
Have taken my joy away
But you’ve given me what I need
Someone who will say…

“Talk to me, I care
What do you need?  I’ll share
For you, I’ll be there
Look for me anywhere
There is no need to fear
Mine is a listening ear
No shame in a tear
Talk to me, I’m here.”

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Mastering The Elements


by Paul Bishop — January 5, 1991

I’m so tired these days
Too much thought and not enough sleep
So many things upon my mind
I can never fall to slumber deep
Worry is a horrible thing
It makes me think the worst
My future seems like an overcast day
And I’m waiting for the clouds to burst (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — January 9, 1991

When my mind is full of thoughts
That make me sore with worry
And so many things are going on
My life is in a flurry
I step away from everything
To my secret hiding place
Lit only by the light that shines
From Jesus’ lovely face

Peace, He gives me peace (more…)

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Fading Memories


by Paul Bishop — March 14, 1991

During the time I have been here
I’ve spent long hours alone
Thinking of friends I left behind
And people I have known (more…)

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The Choice


by Paul Bishop — March 16, 1991

From my enveloping darkness I watched the light
Battle the blackness, my prison of night
Heavily waging a war for control
Over my anguished, tormented soul (more…)

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My Appeal


by Paul Bishop — April 24, 1991

There You sit in radiant glory
The King upon the throne
An here I kneel in peasant rags
So utterly alone (more…)

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