The first day of March has always been the point at which I start to mentally shoo winter away.  We still may encounter storms here in the northern latitudes but generally, it’s not as dry and bitter as February and late January.

I hope you are all dealing well with life.  The change in economy and credit markets are turning our budgets and financial plans on their heads.  This probably enhances what winter blues you may already feel.  Keep active, get plenty of rest, eat properly, and try to find a little time to yourself each day.  These concepts are good advice any time, but they also assist in reducing worry, depression and other negative emotions and states of mind.

Be well.  As the Desiderata says “Strive to be happy.”

I’ve been working mostly on jewelry, practing a wire wrapping technique over the last few weeks.  Doing something so unrelated to what I do for “work” is a great break and relaxing, even though it is technical and particular.  My jewelry website will be changing to a content management system (Joomla) to remove the work of writing web page code so I can enjoy my creativity rather than have to know multiple technologies just to show interesting items to the world.  I hope you’ll like it when it’s finished.


I built within myself a shrine of quietness
And in doing so, found myself resting in the arms of a benevolent Guardian
Who, while I imagined it so, has never left

Even when the old shrine fell down from neglect
He stayed

And waited

For me

January 2009

The new year started with a whimper as I survived my series of 4 colds, or one long one with healthy relapses.  Writing hasn’t been done in favour of my jewellery business.  I hope to get some new words out of my head sometime.  I don’t know if I’m suffering writer’s block or just tired and already wintered-out.

Merry Christmas All!

It’s a fine, fine fettle,
Testing our Christmas mettle
With package, ribbon and bow
But far, far better
Are the things that matter
Shown on the faces that glow

Merry Christmas All!


by Paul Bishop – January 30, 2005

O Love that wilt not let me go
I rest within your arms
And sleep, protecting circle round
Dreaming deep, with life charmed
For this, my heart will plainly speak
Come here, and rest a while with me

O Love that shines forth bright and clear
I walk near to your side
And hold, the path illumined there
Your sure step, as my guide
And then, my heart will softly say
Lead on, together is the way

O Love that holds me up to see
I gaze at future far
And think, perceiving deep within
Distant tunes, calling stars
My soul shall be entwined with thine
For life, as God has made you mine

O Love that wilt not let me go
That shines forth bright and clear
This Love that holds me up to see
Present, past, and ‘to be’
I hold your hand within my own
And see our love once blossomed, grown

Further On


by Paul Bishop — October 23, 2008

(for G & M’s wedding)

When the petals have dried from the bridal bouquet
And the waves have replaced the sands
You’ll still be finding love everyday
In holding each other’s hands

Strength in each other’s arms
Contentment in those smiles
Serenity through the trials of life
Walking this journey’s many miles

When no more words need be spoken
And so many years have come and gone
You’ll still be walking, hands linked unbroken
Together, further on


by Paul Bishop — September 2, 2006

(For A & A)

A long winding road
That curls ’round gentle hills
Of St. Remy, New York
In the gorgeous Catskills

The Whispering Pines stand tall and fine
A soft sussuration speaking to their kind
The gentle breeze
The rocks, the trees
And birds to sleep with ease

Over the house the trees stand and guard
Silent sentinels of the nature-filled yard
While music flows
Its skirling goes
Long after day’s close

Fire-maned goddess in forest-green gown
And hippophile sage with pony-tail brown
With voice, whistle, guitar
Harp, bodhran, mandolin
Welcome you warmly when you come in

Hospitality of the most generous kind
Music for the soul, pease for the mind
Rest for the weary
From a world well-roamed
Another place that I can call “Home: