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The first day of March has always been the point at which I start to mentally shoo winter away.  We still may encounter storms here in the northern latitudes but generally, it’s not as dry and bitter as February and late January.

I hope you are all dealing well with life.  The change in economy and credit markets are turning our budgets and financial plans on their heads.  This probably enhances what winter blues you may already feel.  Keep active, get plenty of rest, eat properly, and try to find a little time to yourself each day.  These concepts are good advice any time, but they also assist in reducing worry, depression and other negative emotions and states of mind.

Be well.  As the Desiderata says “Strive to be happy.”

I’ve been working mostly on jewelry, practing a wire wrapping technique over the last few weeks.  Doing something so unrelated to what I do for “work” is a great break and relaxing, even though it is technical and particular.  My jewelry website will be changing to a content management system (Joomla) to remove the work of writing web page code so I can enjoy my creativity rather than have to know multiple technologies just to show interesting items to the world.  I hope you’ll like it when it’s finished.


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Strange City


by Paul Bishop — February 4, 1995

Christmas in a strange town
Walking on different streets
Frost covers the ground
Crunched by unknown feet
The wind blows down the alley
The squirrels build their nest
In a tree whose leaves have fallen
Beneath the snow they take their rest (more…)

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Winter Retreat


by Paul Bishop — March 1, 1992

When winter snows the land enfold
And wild winds blow their frosty cold
The morning dawns with flaming sun
To proclaim a new day begun

Upon the step a young man stands
His eyes upon the frozen lands
Breath becoming a veil of mist
Where heated air the cold had kissed (more…)

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Lonely White


by Paul Bishop — January 21, 1992

The wind swirls snowflakes outside my house
A maddening dance of winter’s fury
Obliterating everything under a pristine white mantle
And I just stand at the window and stare (more…)

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