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Poet’s Heart


by Paul Bishop — January 19, 1995

The best poetry is crafted in the heart
Drawn with the emotion beyond a mortal language
Inexpressible feelings trapped in words that say much more than anyone but the author can recognize
Scripted by the soul in the flowing penmanship of inspiration
Containing thoughts that come from as close as the Earth
And in their varied scope, reach out to God as gratitude for the ability He has granted this mortal to have
A witness and testimony to the beauty I see reflected in the words
This work of art is a mirror of the author
Full of a fervor for life

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Think Of You


by Paul Bishop — February 11, 1993

(freely adapted from “Think of Me” – Phantom of the Opera)

Sing to me
Sing to me softly at the morning light
Awake my soul
Let me arise to greet Your day so bright
On this day, when I am close to You
I feel Your presence ever near
As I listen to your voice say
“There’s nothing to fear” (more…)

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Blaze On!


by Paul Bishop — January 23, 1993

Fan the spark into a flame
Making sure the fire’s fed
Underneath a watchful eye
It will warm us as it spreads…

“I’m so busy for God, I’m burning out.” 
  “I didn’t know you were on fire!” (more…)

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Molder of Dreams


by Paul Bishop — December 28, 1991

You never know whose life you’re touching
So many people live life alongside you
Family, friends, even strangers, and unfortunately enemies
All watch and listen
Whether you realize it or not, you are on display
Naked before the eyes of the world
Except for personal masks you feel you need to wear
And some people can see through those
So why wear them anyway? (more…)

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Broken Spirit


by Paul Bishop — October 17, 1991

Why must things keep changing?
Can nothing stay the same?
I can’t figure out the rules
Of this complicated game
Things that seem so stable
Just suddenly fall apart
Why is life always taking
The things close to my heart? (more…)

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