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Further On


by Paul Bishop — October 23, 2008

(for G & M’s wedding)

When the petals have dried from the bridal bouquet
And the waves have replaced the sands
You’ll still be finding love everyday
In holding each other’s hands

Strength in each other’s arms
Contentment in those smiles
Serenity through the trials of life
Walking this journey’s many miles

When no more words need be spoken
And so many years have come and gone
You’ll still be walking, hands linked unbroken
Together, further on

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by Paul Bishop — September 2, 2006

(For A & A)

A long winding road
That curls ’round gentle hills
Of St. Remy, New York
In the gorgeous Catskills

The Whispering Pines stand tall and fine
A soft sussuration speaking to their kind
The gentle breeze
The rocks, the trees
And birds to sleep with ease

Over the house the trees stand and guard
Silent sentinels of the nature-filled yard
While music flows
Its skirling goes
Long after day’s close

Fire-maned goddess in forest-green gown
And hippophile sage with pony-tail brown
With voice, whistle, guitar
Harp, bodhran, mandolin
Welcome you warmly when you come in

Hospitality of the most generous kind
Music for the soul, pease for the mind
Rest for the weary
From a world well-roamed
Another place that I can call “Home:

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by Paul Bishop — May 3, 1994

Out in a boat on a gentle sea
The Master asleep in the stern
We thought we’d do a little fishing for fun
Then the weather started to turn…

First came the cold wind, driving the rain
Hammering the sea like a drummer insane
And waves started rolling and tossing the boat
We really wondered if we’d stay afloat (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — January 9, 1991

When my mind is full of thoughts
That make me sore with worry
And so many things are going on
My life is in a flurry
I step away from everything
To my secret hiding place
Lit only by the light that shines
From Jesus’ lovely face

Peace, He gives me peace (more…)

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The Empty Chair


by Paul Bishop — August 7, 1991

He is alone in this restaurant
Even though several groups of people fill the other booths.
He sits at a table for two.
The chair opposite him is empty.
Who, if any, of this colorful environment
Will take an interest in a solitary young man?
Maybe some, perhaps none,
Yet it seems that there is already someone sitting in that empty chair. (more…)

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