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The Rock


by Paul Bishop – March 7, 1998

Until you’ve
Stood on its vast rocky reaches with the waves pounding the shores
Looked out onto a grim sea that goes on forever in its strength
Wandered its forests of green that stretch on to the horizon
Walked atop its highest hills, and seen nothing but more hills for miles
Listened to the lilting talk of the Newfoundland-born
Wended your way through the cultures of accumulated history
Enjoyed the hospitality of the local people no matter where you go
Then you have never been to Newfoundland
And you’ll never understand the place it keeps in our hearts…

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by Paul Bishop — July 28, 1991

I stand upon the water’s edge
There is no beach, save a rocky ledge
An awesome size, it is so wide
I cannot see the other side
The sun is shining in the sky
A gentle breeze starts blowing nearby
As I gaze up and down the shore
I hear the Huron’s gentle roar (more…)

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