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At a recent show, a woman surprised me as I was packing up to go home. I had just put my wire-wrapped hearts in their box, but hadn’t yet closed it. She looked at some bracelets and liked them.  Next she asked for my business card.  I turned away from her to get the card since it was already packed away.  When I turned back, I gave her the card and closed the box of hearts, packing it away.

When I started the show, I had 11 and hadn’t sold any.  When I counted the hearts as I prepared to put them away, there were also 11.

My next show was the first time since the last that I touched the box of hearts, and no-one else had touched the box.  As I laid them out, I checked against my item list.  The list had 11 wire-wrapped hearts.  The box only had 10.

I checked the rest of the items as calmly as I could, since I was almost ready to start selling and needed to stay as focused as possible.  When I had a break, my mind kept going back to the theft.

While theft is an expected loss in any business, the first to happen to me hit hard.  This is not a business where someone else designed and executed the pieces and I’ve just ordered them to sell.  I created the pieces myself.  The stolen heart wrap was from the first set of items I wrapped after being able to offer gold-wrapped (14K gold-filled wire) items instead of just silver.  That set of hearts were also an uncommon stone, a rare find at a gem show.  The stones, the wire and the design process was special to me.

I can’t pursue this person legally because although I can pick her out of a group, I don’t have any other details to start an investigation.  The theft will be written off as a loss.  Those are the practicalities of business.  That’s been handled.

The violated feeling that still remains isn’t so simple to handle.

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Plugging Away

There’s no new poetry to report, but I’ve been putting a lot of my creativity into my jewelry.

Exploring creativity in that medium is interesting.  I can see my love of symmetry and my almost comical inability to not make things without patterns.

I’m losing track of all my online places to update with my thoughts, and blogs.  It’s easier to just make jewelry.


Expect a change in my blog.  The poetry will still be here, but the focus will change to my current endeavour.

Argentium Sterling Silver Wire-Wrapped Quartz Crystal

Argentium Sterling Silver Wire-Wrapped Quartz Crystal

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