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by Paul Bishop – October 12, 1997

You told me you were frustrated
You didn’t want to be here
The reason just escaped you
Unfocused and unclear
Would you have told me
If I hadn’t asked you that day?
In those times of confusion
Why do men often in silence walk away? (more…)

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by Paul Bishop – June 12, 1997

(written for a friend upon his father’s passing)

I remember when I was a boy, you’d hold my hand and guide me
And now how I often wish you’d spent more time beside me
It wasn’t your fault, it was mine
All those things you taught are still inside me
So much like you I have tried to be
Did you know how much I walked in your footsteps? (more…)

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by Paul Bishop – May 26, 1997

Life is once, life is short
Life is not just a walk in the park
Shine as though to dispel the dark
Live a life that leaves a mark. (more…)

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