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Faerie Inside


by Paul Bishop – September 30, 1998

Glorious Moon in scarlet hid
Bear my soul away
Let me tread Earth with gossamer wings
And near the Tolmen pray
Let me touch the richest Soil
Breathe the essence of the Air
And in the Mother’s purest Waters
Find my true reflection there

Under Sun at simmering noon
Let my shimmering wings take me away
Through Forest ancient and greening Glen
Where the Fantasia of folklore play
And when I stand upon the Moor
To gaze upon the shining Sea
I tell you I now only find
My true place in old Faerie

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Poet’s Heart


by Paul Bishop — January 19, 1995

The best poetry is crafted in the heart
Drawn with the emotion beyond a mortal language
Inexpressible feelings trapped in words that say much more than anyone but the author can recognize
Scripted by the soul in the flowing penmanship of inspiration
Containing thoughts that come from as close as the Earth
And in their varied scope, reach out to God as gratitude for the ability He has granted this mortal to have
A witness and testimony to the beauty I see reflected in the words
This work of art is a mirror of the author
Full of a fervor for life

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Sunset On Huron


by Paul Bishop — June 30, 1992

Ripples on the water
Golden waves of sunset
Sun sinking in pink clouds
This is where my heart’s set
To sail on into unending day
Until the light passes away (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — November 3, 1991

With a blank page of manuscript
Into the ink, the quill is dipped
And from heart and mind ideas come
Words and music weaved to one
To take a place upon the sheet
Where melody and lyrics meet (more…)

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The Empty Chair


by Paul Bishop — August 7, 1991

He is alone in this restaurant
Even though several groups of people fill the other booths.
He sits at a table for two.
The chair opposite him is empty.
Who, if any, of this colorful environment
Will take an interest in a solitary young man?
Maybe some, perhaps none,
Yet it seems that there is already someone sitting in that empty chair. (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — September 11, 1990

The bed was soft and warm
The calm before the storm
He said his prayers kneeling by his cot
A bunch of little ‘forget-them-nots’ (more…)

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