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by Paul Bishop — September 2, 2006

(For A & A)

A long winding road
That curls ’round gentle hills
Of St. Remy, New York
In the gorgeous Catskills

The Whispering Pines stand tall and fine
A soft sussuration speaking to their kind
The gentle breeze
The rocks, the trees
And birds to sleep with ease

Over the house the trees stand and guard
Silent sentinels of the nature-filled yard
While music flows
Its skirling goes
Long after day’s close

Fire-maned goddess in forest-green gown
And hippophile sage with pony-tail brown
With voice, whistle, guitar
Harp, bodhran, mandolin
Welcome you warmly when you come in

Hospitality of the most generous kind
Music for the soul, pease for the mind
Rest for the weary
From a world well-roamed
Another place that I can call “Home:

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Deepest Heart

Deepest Heart

By Paul Bishop – April 4, 1995

In my deepest heart
There is a tiny part
Where dwells a piece of you
That I have captured for myself
Not by cunning, nor by stealth
But because you are a companion true (more…)

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Just Not The Same


by Paul Bishop – February 7, 1998

What’s behind your eyes?
It never quite reaches your face
I can tell by your stance
Not to invade your stance

Pushing me away?
No.  Neither pulling me in
Keep me that safe distance
Away from hurt within

I watched you Sunday
From where I sat in my pew
I do not understand
What has changed inside you

You are just not the same
The flame within you now dies
But I cannot see
The truth behind your eyes

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by Paul Bishop – January 17, 1998

(For my Woodstock Salvation Army friends upon the seventh anniversary of my arrival, January 23, 1991)

Seven years of friendship
Seven years of laughter
Seven years of memories
And whatever comes hereafter

It doesn’t seem so long ago
My thread of life crossed all of yours
And now the story of the weaving
Is made of strong, unbreakable cords (more…)

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The Broken Places


by Paul Bishop — January 11, 1998

(for three then-young women)

Tainted trust and wounded pride
Fractured friendships, broken hearts
Shattered faith and tears unjustified
Knowing not when hurting starts

Who can know where to find the answer
When communication does not exist
While openness has disappeared
And the heart is curled into a fist? (more…)

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by Paul Bishop – March 18, 1998

A rose is a rose is just a rose
A pretty bouquet to the eyes
Exhaling its sweetness
Only during its short life
On the breast of the Earth
Exulting in the warmth and
Dying in the cold

A friend, however, endures
For all seasons
And the memories of life
Lived together
Continue to bring to mind
The essence of the presence
Of beloved ones in the heart

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by Paul Bishop – October 12, 1997

You told me you were frustrated
You didn’t want to be here
The reason just escaped you
Unfocused and unclear
Would you have told me
If I hadn’t asked you that day?
In those times of confusion
Why do men often in silence walk away? (more…)

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