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by Paul Bishop, May 16, 1998

(adapted from “My Heart Will Go On”, the love theme from “Titanic”, by Celine Dion)

Every night in my prayers
I reach for Your presence
There I find the strength to go on
Through my day of failing
And Satan’s assailings
In Your hands, my heart must belong (more…)

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Thy Will Be Done


by Paul Bishop – April 13, 1998

“Oh Father, will You rescue Me?
I’ve done what I can
Now the test must come
Must I die
Is there no other way?”

“Thy Will Be Done” (more…)

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The Voice Of Music


by Paul Bishop – March 24, 1998

Though I may not play perfection
When my fingers press these valves
I know the music for my soul will be
A sonorous, healing salve
For in the music when I play
I hear all the Composer wants to say

God speaks through the music
To my quiet heart that beats
To the rhythm of emotion, finding
Where the Lord my soul will meet
And within the inspired harmonies
My Saviour comes and speaks to me

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Seasonal Angst


by Paul Bishop — November 29, 1996

When I stare into the sky
And feel the snow fall on my face
In the dark of drifting night
Suddnely life steps back a pace
Fall upon me, snow of white
Cover me in blanket bright
When it melts in springtime day
Will it wash my sins away? (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — June 15, 1996

The other night I had to say
What was lying on my heart
But though I knew where to begin
I couldn’t get past the start

My eyes filled up, and a lump in my throat
Caused my voice to quaver (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — August 21, 1995

It’s been a week
And all I seek
Is something to take me
Away from all this pain
My throat is dry
From asking why
And shaking my fists
Up at the heavens in vain (more…)

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On My Journey


by Paul Bishop — May 7, 1995

Here I am, in the middle of a journey
The place where I began is far behind
And further in the distance
Lies the ending of my trek
But the path from here to there is hard to find

Lead me on, O lord
Give me faith to carry on
In the middle of the journey
Where the darkness lasts too long
Shine a lamp, O Lord
Reveal the path to travel on
From where I am to where I’ll be
Walk along beside me (more…)

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