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The Broken Places


by Paul Bishop — January 11, 1998

(for three then-young women)

Tainted trust and wounded pride
Fractured friendships, broken hearts
Shattered faith and tears unjustified
Knowing not when hurting starts

Who can know where to find the answer
When communication does not exist
While openness has disappeared
And the heart is curled into a fist? (more…)

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Where Are They Now?


by Paul Bishop –  June 8, 1997

How far away can I be before it’s noticed that I have moved?
How many pretenses can I drop before my true self becomes known?
As long as the church thinks I feel something…
Apparently I can change a lot

How far away before someone follows me
To seek the reasons for my departure? (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — August 4, 1996

Some of the time I love you
Some times I don’t care
Often I want to be with you
But somehow you’re not there

Where I expect to find you
The usual places we go
It’s amazing how far away you can be
In some place that I don’t know

Even now we stand face to face
The distance is astounding
I can see in your eyes a space
While my heart for you is pounding

And when we danced you held me
As if I were made of glass
Is this a sign that I should know
That I should let the whole thing pass?

I wish you would touch me
Far below my skin
Beauty might be skin-deep
But my heart is still within

And that is what defines my feelings
For this person who holds me in thrall
Why I cannot break through
I don’t understand at all

Maybe I will step back
And give a little space
Bringing back the ‘just being’
Slowing down the pace

And developing the friendship first
Living in the reality
That maybe I want you
But you’re not ready for wanting me

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Death of a Nation


by Paul Bishop — October 25, 1993

Blowing wind ripples the grassy plain
Bringing the scent of refreshing rain
And high above, the eagle soars
Reminding chieftains of its lores
Looking down with far-seeing eyes
It let out a shrieking cry
Then plummeting down toward the ground
It caught it’s prey, and homeward wound (more…)

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