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by Paul Bishop – June 12, 1997

(written for a friend upon his father’s passing)

I remember when I was a boy, you’d hold my hand and guide me
And now how I often wish you’d spent more time beside me
It wasn’t your fault, it was mine
All those things you taught are still inside me
So much like you I have tried to be
Did you know how much I walked in your footsteps? (more…)

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There Has To Be A Reason


by Paul Bishop — November 17, 1993

When I heard the news, I wondered what you were going through
So far away, yet still I feel your sorrow
And I cannot be there to comfort, but my words… will they do?
Will you always reach out for tomorrow? (more…)

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Watching Through The Window


by Paul Bishop — August 27, 1991

I’m watching through the window
A little child plays outside
Her mother leans upon the porch
Face aglow with parental pride
Father also stands there
Arms around his wife
Theirs is a beautiful life (more…)

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Living On


by Paul Bishop — August 1990

I am thankful that I have never had to deal with death in a close relationship.
I don’t think I would ever have the ability to deal with it.
Let me rephrase that: there is no absolute way of dealing with it.
You learn to let go of the hurt and let the healing process begin in the heart and mind.
These two parts of the human psyche can be extremely damaged in the traumatic experience of death, but with the passage of time, only the memories remain.
As painful and vivid as they can be, they are only reminders of the relationship which has ended in this world.
The relationship will always exist in the heart.
And, if in my heart, then I shall always remember the love which that friend gave to me.
That love will make the healing process so much easier.

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