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by Paul Bishop — September 2, 2006

(For A & A)

A long winding road
That curls ’round gentle hills
Of St. Remy, New York
In the gorgeous Catskills

The Whispering Pines stand tall and fine
A soft sussuration speaking to their kind
The gentle breeze
The rocks, the trees
And birds to sleep with ease

Over the house the trees stand and guard
Silent sentinels of the nature-filled yard
While music flows
Its skirling goes
Long after day’s close

Fire-maned goddess in forest-green gown
And hippophile sage with pony-tail brown
With voice, whistle, guitar
Harp, bodhran, mandolin
Welcome you warmly when you come in

Hospitality of the most generous kind
Music for the soul, pease for the mind
Rest for the weary
From a world well-roamed
Another place that I can call “Home:

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by Paul Bishop – March 18, 1998

A rose is a rose is just a rose
A pretty bouquet to the eyes
Exhaling its sweetness
Only during its short life
On the breast of the Earth
Exulting in the warmth and
Dying in the cold

A friend, however, endures
For all seasons
And the memories of life
Lived together
Continue to bring to mind
The essence of the presence
Of beloved ones in the heart

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Poet’s Heart


by Paul Bishop — January 19, 1995

The best poetry is crafted in the heart
Drawn with the emotion beyond a mortal language
Inexpressible feelings trapped in words that say much more than anyone but the author can recognize
Scripted by the soul in the flowing penmanship of inspiration
Containing thoughts that come from as close as the Earth
And in their varied scope, reach out to God as gratitude for the ability He has granted this mortal to have
A witness and testimony to the beauty I see reflected in the words
This work of art is a mirror of the author
Full of a fervor for life

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by Paul Bishop — June 4, 1992

A vision of loveliness
Alone in the moonlight
The wind caresses her hair
A cascade of golden waves
Around a flawless face
Where have I met one so fair? (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — October 22, 1991

Autumn leaves falling
Nature is calling
The end of season’s near
Birds migrating
Bears hibernating
As Mother’s voice they hear (more…)

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by Paul Bishop — October 23, 1991

The moon is full tonight
Shining down from the Heavens
As I stand alone
My heart is full of memories
That would overwhelm me with sadness:
“When will I speak to my friends again?” (more…)

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Complex and Simple Beauty


by Paul Bishop — 1986

I reclined horizontally on the breast of the earth,
Listening to the tintinnabulations of chimes from the nearby religious institution.
Condensed water vapor floated across the vast expense of sky. (more…)

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