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Love Once Blossomed, Grown


by Paul Bishop – January 30, 2005

O Love that wilt not let me go
I rest within your arms
And sleep, protecting circle round
Dreaming deep, with life charmed
For this, my heart will plainly speak
Come here, and rest a while with me

O Love that shines forth bright and clear
I walk near to your side
And hold, the path illumined there
Your sure step, as my guide
And then, my heart will softly say
Lead on, together is the way

O Love that holds me up to see
I gaze at future far
And think, perceiving deep within
Distant tunes, calling stars
My soul shall be entwined with thine
For life, as God has made you mine

O Love that wilt not let me go
That shines forth bright and clear
This Love that holds me up to see
Present, past, and ‘to be’
I hold your hand within my own
And see our love once blossomed, grown

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Further On


by Paul Bishop — October 23, 2008

(for G & M’s wedding)

When the petals have dried from the bridal bouquet
And the waves have replaced the sands
You’ll still be finding love everyday
In holding each other’s hands

Strength in each other’s arms
Contentment in those smiles
Serenity through the trials of life
Walking this journey’s many miles

When no more words need be spoken
And so many years have come and gone
You’ll still be walking, hands linked unbroken
Together, further on

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by Paul Bishop — September 2, 2006

(For A & A)

A long winding road
That curls ’round gentle hills
Of St. Remy, New York
In the gorgeous Catskills

The Whispering Pines stand tall and fine
A soft sussuration speaking to their kind
The gentle breeze
The rocks, the trees
And birds to sleep with ease

Over the house the trees stand and guard
Silent sentinels of the nature-filled yard
While music flows
Its skirling goes
Long after day’s close

Fire-maned goddess in forest-green gown
And hippophile sage with pony-tail brown
With voice, whistle, guitar
Harp, bodhran, mandolin
Welcome you warmly when you come in

Hospitality of the most generous kind
Music for the soul, pease for the mind
Rest for the weary
From a world well-roamed
Another place that I can call “Home:

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The Piper In The Hills


by Paul Bishop — September 21, 2004

If I had but a day in Erin
I’d spend my time in the hills
Listening for the piper
Between the fen and rills

High on a rocky outcrop he stands
A lone, solitary Celt
A whistle held gently but played with abandon
That I’ve not long heard or felt

The lament of his heart
The skirl of his tune
The fading of notes
And a day gone too soon

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This Love


By Paul Bishop – 2006

I did not expect this love
I was wrapped up in my lonely doubt
Busy planning a life alone
Intimacy drying up in a desert drought

But then came the rains
Washing over my parched soul
Drops of love drunk up by my spirit
As if I’d never been whole

This love, my heart thunders
This love, pure and fine
This love, source of wonders
This love that wants mine

I Love You

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Sunset of the Heart


By Paul Bishop – April 4, 2005

I drove home into the sunset
Blinded by brilliance dancing in the skies
Red and orange glowed a fire
Burning a loneliness into my eyes

Once I had completed my trek
And retreated to my abode
I watched night blot out the light
Wishing I still was on the road

The long and lonely way to you
And at the end a flame
That brightly flaming love I have
Reciprocated once again

Holding you against all fear
Forging a path through the dying day
Feeling moonlight in your voice
And shining stars in your eyes

Love Me
Love You
Love Us
Love Two

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If Atlas Shrugged


By Paul Bishop – April 4, 2005

Like Atlas I try to bear the world
Unlike him, my shoulders bend and bow
My arms strain with the strength I do not have
Ultimately I will falter (more…)

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